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Hong Kong Design Centre : matisse

Discipline / book design
Client / Hong Kong Design Centre
Project / A Study on the Framework of Hong Kong Design Index

This design index report, initiated by the Hong Kong Design Centre is to provide an objective source of information for examining the landscape of design sector and its dynamic changes. It helps enhance the understanding of the design environment of Hong Kong and strengthen the evident base for policy development. We have designed the book in a unique yet functional way:

/ The complex information is clearly identified with structural typographic arrangement.
/ Original concept of "Hong Kong Design" is enhanced by adding local design happenings photos as chapter dividers.
/ The street snap photos and the hand-crafted charts and tables has added the sensational feeling of the book.
/ Introduction of vibrant orange has increased liveliness and highlighted key messages.
/ Two types of paper used has differentiated the main and supplementary information.
/ It draws attention with the mix of cultural and contemporary Hong Kong design images on cover.
/ The merge of the hot-stamping effect of book title with the images collage background on book cover made the design unique, subtle yet readable.