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CUHK Edu logo : matisse

Discipline / logo design and brand strategy
Client / Faculty of Education, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Project / Logo design and brand strategy for Faculty of Education, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Over half of a century, the Faculty of Education of The Chinese University of Hong Kong has continuously trained Hong Kong educators, researchers, and specialists and strives for excellence. We believe legacy and innovation are the core values of the Faculty and they are encompassed in the design of the new logo system.

The Faculty logo consists of four elements: phoenix, tree ring, letter “e” and the bilingual version of the faculty name “Faculty of Education CUHK 中大教育”.

Brand Story

The Legacy of Phoenix and Rosewood
Draw inspiration from the emblem of CUHK, the mythical phoenix, a symbol of nobility, beauty, loyalty and majesty, is rendered in an elegant curve in a dynamic movement. It implies carrying the long history of noble education and transform to meet emerging challenges in the global arena.

Surrounding the phoenix were outlines of tree rings of the iconic and beloved rosewood erected outside Ho Tim Building for years. The rosewood is a symbol of heritage spread by word of mouth that creates strong bonding between students, teachers, staff and alumni from generation to generation. As a metaphor for nurturing future educators, it is the legacy of the Faculty of Education of CUHK.

Innovation to empower and to transform
The core element - education in letter “e” at the core has blended in with the tree rings but nicely set off in prestigious gold against the logo colour in regal purple. It is also interpreted as electronic, which describes a wide range of innovative tools and electronic learning platforms utilised to stimulate virtual teaching development.