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Matisse Design Limited.
OMP : matisse

Discipline / Brand identity design
Client / Online Marketing Player (OMP)
Project / OMP brand identity

設計類別 / 品牌商標及視覺系統
客戶 / OMP網路行銷玩家
項目 / OMP網路行銷玩家品牌商標及視覺系統

Shek(阿石)and his team are a group of talented "online marketing players" whose expertise are on FB and other popular online marketing tools training. With the growing attention to the public, Shek saw the need for a more outstanding corporate brand image. We have redesigned and consolidated their brand image including the logo, name card, colour, icons, advertising and web templates, make it recognized and bold in the online world.

As it said in their annual OMP day 2018, this is nothing about world class data or technique, but there are only most practical and down-to-earth online marketing experiences shared that could benefit to all especially to the small and medium-sized enterprises in Hong Kong. We serve the same purpose. We agree at a line that brand design is also nothing elite, whatever size your businesses are, it is a necessity yet affordable tool to do better business.


在他們的年度會議OMP DAY 2018 上的口號:「最落地的網絡行銷年度會議...沒有世界級的數據,只有中小企行得通用得著的真實行銷案例。」事實上,我們也有著同一信念。品牌設計並不是高端品牌的專利,遙不可及;我們致力去為香港中小企業去實踐品牌創作,本著品牌設計普及和成本效益的中旨,不斷為客戶提升他們營商的競爭力。

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