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Nicedrape : matisse

Discipline / Brand identity and catalogues design
Client / Nicedrape Solar Protection System Co., Ltd.
Project / Nicedrape brand identity

設計類別 / 品牌商標及視覺系統
客戶 / 麗絲迪公司
項目 / 麗絲迪公司品牌商標及視覺系統

Nicedrape Intelligent Shading System is a local leading brand in its industry. Founded since 1965, Nicedrape has been providing shading system design / manufacturing and supply / installation / consultation / project management and post-sales service altogether for residential and commercial projects in the local, Mainland China and South-east Asia markets. We are appointed to revamp the brand identity for consolidating their marketing materials. We redesigned the logo, slogan, stationery set, folder, catalogues and etc.

1) To solve the problem that the two letters "E" look obscured in the old NICEDRAPE logo.
2) To state their leading position and established foundation in the market.
3) To make the brand more contemporary, outstanding and visually long-lasted.

1) We proposed a full name in capital letters to ensure clarity in the new logo.
2) The “N”, initial of NICEDRAPE, is making the crown to symbolize its leading position in the industry.
3) The choice of font style is more contemporary, confident and smartly simple. The Royal Blue is inherited from the old logo, but yet sharper. Together with silver grey and black, the colour combination suggests pioneering, intelligence and establishment, where the grey silver is inspired from the reflective material of its shading products. The “i” in the middle of the crown is an "intelligent" highlight. The slogan, "Perfection in Spatial Harmony" rides over the functional statement, rather it leverages that NICEDRAPE product is a part of necessity to make the interior space stylish and felt harmony.


1) 品牌名稱未能清晰反映在舊logo上, NICEDRAPE中的"E"未能完全讓客戶閱讀
2) 以表達其在市場的領導及歷史地位
3) 產品與時並進,形象需更鮮明耐看和富現代感

1) 用全新的字款及大楷以清晰溝通品牌的名字。
2) 以"N"(NICEDRAPE的象徵字母)來演譯皇冠以代表其在行業的領導地位,英文字的大楷全寫更是表達其業務的經驗基礎。
3) 字款的選擇更富現代感,自信和簡潔。Royal Blue顏色是延續著舊商標元素,而不是一刀切地脫離過去,帶著「延續經驗、發展未來」的意義。而Royal Blue、灰銀及黑色是傳遞著領先、智能未來和穩健的企業形象感覺。當中銀色是其窗簾系統產品的遮光物料特性所啟發,而皇冠中間的"i"代表著"智能創意"的點子。Slogan的創作, "Perfection in Spatial Harmony"再不是停留在功能上的表達,而是説,NICEDRAPE窗飾系統是生活空間完美和諧的一部分,更加的表達在優質家居生活概念的廣義上。

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