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Matisse Design Limited.
PLK-mobile library : matisse

Discipline / Graphic design and illustrations
Client / Po Leung Kuk Cheung Hong Youth Development Centre
Project / Po Leung Kuk Cheung Hong Youth Development Centre Mobile Library

設計類別 / 平面設計及插畫
客戶 / 保良局長康青少年發展中心
項目 / 保良局長康青少年發展中心流動玩具圖書車

"I learn where I go...".
It's a public campaign to promote the mobile library, launched by the Po Leung Kuk Cheung Hong Youth Development Centre. We targeted to the general public especially the family members (young and old) who are living in the local community. We aim to arouse the awareness of the existence of the mobile library which travels around different public estates in different districts in the city. So we have designed some characters with very down-to-earth but interesting faces to be familiar with the audiences. Whether they are old or young, boy or girl, they love to read whatever and wherever.


                    元朗順叔元朗順叔   秀茂坪胖虎秀茂坪胖虎   葵涌順嫂葵涌順嫂   元朗B仔元朗B仔   深水埗小芬深水埗小芬