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Matisse Design Limited.
PEAR : matisse Discipline / Event identity & Exhibition design
Client / Faculty of Social Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Project / Jockey Club Positive Education "Ascend and Radiate" Project Launch Ceremony cum Open Forum
Naming & slogans: Gene Lo, Leo Lei
Animation: Concept, design and art direction (Matisse), animated by (Intoxic Studio)

"It was a great experience to work with Matisse. The innovative designs and more importantly, the timely and professional customer services provided by Matisse, made our event a big success. Matisse is definitely our reliable work partner."

~ Eva Yeung
Executive Officer (Faculty of Social Science)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

"Positive Education" is cultivating the true values to youth education in Hong Kong, which is to encourage, to be positive, to equipped with a "growth-mind" to become a stronger self, but rather than on marks competition. We trust this belief and are very pleased to be appointed as the design partner of this educational programme – JC "PEAR" programme. Our design works cover from naming – "正正得正", slogan – "正是你、正是我 / Positive U & Me", logo and guidelines, open ceremony animation, event design and production. Our design had set out a creative and visual platform which could help leverage the popularity and significance of the wide spread of this meaningful educational programme.

設計類別 / 活動項目視覺系統、展覽設計及製作
客戶 / 香港中文大學社會科學院
項目 / 賽馬會「正正得正」教育計劃標誌設計、啟動禮暨公開研討會
計劃命名與標語 / Gene Lo, Leo Lei
動畫 / 概念及設計 (Matisse),製作(Intoxic Studio)


計劃名稱:「正正得正」– 正念自信 + 正確引導 = 正向教育
標語:「正是你、正是我」– 普遍如身邊的你和我,都有著各自的正向特質,生命影响生命
不倒翁 The unbeatable you and me:不偏不倚、不倒不歪

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