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Faculty of Science, CUHK : matisse

Discipline / Brand strategy and logo design
Client / Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Project / Brand strategy and logo design for Faculty of Science, CUHK

設計類別 / 品牌策略及商標設計
客戶 / 香港中文大學理學院
項目 / 香港中文大學理學院理學院品牌策略和商標設計

We were honored to be appointed as the brand strategist and design partner for the new brand image design for Faculty of Science of CUHK. Having gone through a thorough research, analysis and a series of focus group interviews with professors, undergraduate and postgraduate students, alumni, employers, parents, prospect secondary school students and teachers, we had set out a new brand strategy platform — "Science Empowers Your Dreams" to consolidate the brand position of the Faculty, and this visionary tone that should be followed by all the marketing collaterals rolled out. We have successfully brought about a new image for a new age of Science of the Faculty.

Concept of logo
The abstract compound is reflecting the experimental nature of “Science”. It is organic, revolving and illuminating the future (the hidden head of "i" glows inside the picture mark). It subtly forms a triangular pointer, leading its direction forward. The rich colour suggests the solid achievements of the Faculty of Science, while the purple and orange on the edges inherit the colour tone of CUHK logo.


我們進行了深入的調查分析和一系列專題小組訪談,為客戶制定了新的品牌策略 - “Science empowers your dreams” 來鞏固學院的定位,成功地為中大理學院帶來了新形象上的改變。

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