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Hong Kong Construction Industry : matisse

Discipline / Brand identity design
Client / Development Bureau
Project / Hong Kong Construction Industry brand identity
Awards / Merit in the "HKDA Global Design Awards 2011", logo category

設計類別 / 品牌商標及視覺系統
客戶 / 香港發展局 (Construction Industry)
項目 / 建造業品牌商標及視覺系統
獎項 / 2011年香港設計師協會環球設計大獎優異獎 (商標類別)

With the high demands for workforce and the need to uplift the competency of the Hong Kong Construction Industry, the Development Bureau has asked for setting up a new brand identity to consolidate the industry image. We are honored to design the new brand identity for the construction Industry of Hong Kong with the logos, sets of applications and the logo guidelines.

Concept of logo /
The logo is formed by the initials of Construction Industry. The smooth and confident outline represents modern looking, efficiency and professionalism. The lower case “i” implies the human workforce which is the main asset in the industry and demonstrates intelligent construction. Green represents the sustainable development of the industry while orange suggests dynamic and leading which coincides with the visible helmet at the same time.

商標的由來 - 標誌是建築業名稱的縮寫。小楷英文字母 “i” 意味著行業主要資產是人力;綠色代表行業的可持續發展性;橙色則代表了動感和領先,也是工人安全帽的顏色。